5 Healthy, Vegan, AND Kid-Friendly Snacks!

Whether your a parent, nanny, or camp counselor, summer time is all about the snackage. Unfortunately kids are picky, and they can smell healthy food in disguise from a mile away. No need to trick them, pick foods they’re sure to love! Get on your game with these kid-friendly crowd favorites.

  1. Ants on a Log - Who doesn’t love celery and peanutbutter? This timeless classic is a must have on the snack menu.
  2. Smoothies - Refreshing, sweet, AND pretty colors!! Perfect combo to get kids to eat fruit and stay hydrated.
    Smoothies are also great because they’re easy to make as a team. Let them throw in their own ingredients and push the blend button. 
  3. Banana Hot Dogs! - Hot dog bun + banana + toppings = Best PB&B of ALL TIME! Peanut butter, dark chocolate, nuts, berries, jelly, mmm…
  4. Fruitsicles! - It’s hot! Instead of food coloring and sugar make fruitsicles together and share them at the next outdoor gathering. Kids love making their own popsicles. Plus, this is also a great opportunity to teach a little lesson on how matter can change from a liquid to a solid.
    To make, just get the popsicle mold tupperwares from the dollar store, fill with chopped pieces of your favorite fruit, and fill with fresh juice!
  5. Zucchini fries - Cut zucchini into thin fries. Coat with a mix of olive oil, a little flour, water and italian seasoning, dip in bread crumbs, and bake until golden brown. Serve with Marinara dipping sauce sauce and Viola! French fries fit for a fit person!