News from The Jungle!

My little garden has turned into a wild urban jungle! Here’s an update on how everything is going and what I’ve been doing to make my babies grow.

There’s not much science to my methods, I just notice the plants and I try to accomodate their needs as much as possible.

  1. Water every day — Los Angeles is hot and dry and my plants are in direct sunlight, which they love. But they live in a planter and need to have moist soil. So I give them about 3-4 gallons of water daily. 
  2. Listen to them, they communicate — I’m learning that plants are like babies. They can’t talk but they can cry. Plants show their happiness through the color of their leaves, the direction they grow, and a multitude of other subtleties.
    Hanging out with your garden every day helps you notice new damage, and new sprouts. It’s a good way to adjust how you take care of them. If their leaves start to yellow, look up common plant diseases, if there’s no match, try watering those plants less/more, giving them plant food, etc. 
  3. Helping Out the Little Guys — If you see that a certain plant is blocking another one’s sunlight, use string/sticks/fencing to help guide your plants to grow in a more friendly direction. As you can see, I’ve added a little grated panel to the right side of my garden so the cucumber can grow up, instead of on top of my other plants.
  4. Talk to your plants — Now I’m not sure if this is scientific, but I talk to my plants every day and they seem to love it. There’s no way I can prove that it’s why my garden grows, but I like to think that it helps their self confidence.