Would You Eat Your Dog?
Super sweet videos that might make you think twice about eating bacon.
(NOTE:This Post Contains Only Cute Videos, no gross PETA stuff)

Like many adult women, I can’t help but indulge in videos of cute things. Babies Eating Lemons, Lemur with Umbrella, and Hedgehog Eating a Carrot, are just a few of my favorites. As I was scouring YouTube for cuteness, I decided to look up pet pigs. What I found was not only cute piggies, but really, really smart pigs.

As I was watching the video above I couldn’t help thinking about bacon cheddar cheese burgers and pork chops. There are hundreds of videos online of pigs doing AMAZING tricks, being very loving, even wagging their tails just like a puppy. Sometimes I had trouble believing it was actually a pig and not a round grunting dog.

Actually in a lot of ways pigs are very similar to dogs. Some prefer pigs over dogs because Pigs are non-allergenic and much cleaner than dogs. They even use a litter box. They are extremely fast learners. Plus, they are very loyal and loving animals. In fact pigs are so sensitive it is possible to hurt a pig’s feelings!

So if pigs are so much like dogs, how can we be so appalled by the idea of eating a puppy but not by eating a little porker. Pigs are on the list of some of the top most intelligent animals in the world along with dolphins and apes. Farm pigs are no different in intelligence than pet pigs, yet I was just in a country where it is almost impossible to find food without bacon in it.

Other Reasons to Stop Eating Pigs
Pig meat (pork, bacon, ham) is more expensive than vegetables and is an unhealthy. Pig meat is high in cholesterol and is generally bad for heart health. Pigs have very fatty meat, especially when they are not prepared well or the cut is low quality.
Besides this, there is still the evidence that eating any animal protein contributes to the development of chronic illness like heart disease and cancer.

Along with pig’s other qualities, they are scavengers, and will eat just about anything. Many cultures avoid eating pork all together because of this reason.

Hopefully this video and others will give people a new point of view on what to make for dinner.