grave-wisdom-deactivated2012042 said: cabbage is also a cure for stomach ulcers, after years of being on pills to fight my ulcers the only real cure i found was cabbage! it fights carcinogens in your stomach and helps encourage natural bacteria, eating 4 cups a day will relieve the pain of stomach ulcers in a few days, and eventually leave your stomach back in perfect health!

Medicinal Diet: Alkaline and Acidic
That’s Amazing! (this is a response to this post about cabbage)  I think a lot of people are so often told to turn to medicine, they don’t even realize they can fix their illnesses by what they choose to eat and drink.

There has been strong evidence that a vegan (especially a raw vegan) diet can help prevent or even cure illnesses. The China Study and Crazy Sexy Cancer are two books that give first hand accounts of illnesses treated by lifestyle changes instead of medicine. Plus they go on to explain the science behind how it works.

In cancer survivor, Kris Carr’s follow up book Crazy Sexy Diet, she recommends an 60/40 diet for good preventative health, and an 80/20 diet for those who want optimal health or are treating chronic illness. These numbers refer to percentages of alkaline and acidic foods. 60-80% alkaline foods and 40-20% acidic foods. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, a list of alkaline acidic foods can be found below.
Acidic doesn’t necessarily mean bad foods, though some of the foods on the list are clearly healthier than others. But generally green leafy vegetables and fruits are alkaline, where sugars, meat/dairy, and some starches and other proteins are more acidic.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Everyone else, go eat some cabbage!