What do Russel Simmons, Jessica Simpson, and James Cameron have in common?

They all participate in Meatless Mondays. Since tomorrow is Monday I figured I could fill some of you in on what Meatless Monday is all about.

Basically, it is what it sounds like. You pledge that Monday(s) you won’t eat meat at all. The goal is that people will decrease their weekly consumption of meat 15% (1 day). This benefits your health, the environment, and of course animals.

Participating in meatless Mondays is a good way to start the transition to vegetarianism. Taking one day a week to start rather than quitting cold turkey will help you adjust to the change and will increase your likelihood of sticking to the diet change. Allowing yourself to experiment once a week will give you time to learn what kind of foods to eat and will be less pressure than the 100% all veg commitment.

So pledge to go meatless tomorrow, and share your experience on here or twitter (@Cheapveg)

Check out the video above for a little more information.